To make your cleaning chores easier, follow these simple tips for keeping the most commonly trafficked rooms clean every day so seasonal deep cleans are a breeze.

Easy Breezy Bathroom Tips

  • Keep a sponge handy that is dedicated to bathroom chores for wiping down tub and shower walls. This will help keep hard-to-remove soap film and hard water deposits from forming. Rinse after use.
  • Keep your shower doors and curtains open after you bathe. To prevent mold and mildew, let them air dry, and if mildew does appear, use liquid household bleach or cleaners with bleach to remove it.
  • Right after showering, use a daily shower cleaner while the walls are wet – no rinsing, wiping or scrubbing is necessary to keep surfaces free of soap scum and hard water deposits.

Tips for Keeping the Kitchen Ready for New Recipes

  • Clean as you cook and wipe up all spills. Different surfaces will require different tools.
  • Clean microwave spills soon after they happen so they are easier to remove. It’s a snap to wipe them up before they harden. Keep “wipes” by the kitchen counter to make it easier.
  • Use paper towels to clean up juices from meats and poultry on kitchen surfaces when they happen and discard immediately. Use a disinfecting cleaner or wipe as directed to take care of any harmful germs left on the surface.

Living Well in the Living Room

  • To take care of “dust”-ups, rely on easy to use mopping tools and dusters for a quick clean.
  • Spray glass cleaners on a cloth instead of directly on a mirror or picture glass to keep the cleaner away from the frame and prevent it from seeping onto a picture.
  • Vacuum upholstery regularly to remove small soil and food particles that work into the fabric and cause premature wear and stains.

Avoiding Bedroom Build-Up

  • For your health and to keep dust (and pet hair) from building up, wash your sheets weekly.
  • Wipe blinds with a clean damp cloth once a week. It only takes a few seconds, and you’ll be surprised how good you feel once it’s done! If you have time, dust a little of your wood furniture each week at the same time.
  • Keep closet doors closed to keep out dust. It never hurts to run a quick vacuum inside closets once a month as well.


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