Peace of Mind requires renewing yourself in many fronts. Home decluttering and organization helps you conquer one of them. Using Eco-friendly products will renew your home in a safe manner that will provide a fresh start, order and control of your environment.

Achieving an effective and stress-less decluttering, cleaning and organizing project is best done in small steps to avoid frustration and feeling overwhelmed. Start with a To-Do-List to focus and keep track of progress. The project is best accomplished if you enlist the assistance of an organizer to be helped in the process, assist with decisions, identify resources for your donations and recyclables, keep track of the progress and to keep you accountable.

Clutter and excessive papers around the house take away your energy and productivity.  My website provides additional tips and resources to keep you on track. In a household with multiple people, everyone needs to be enlisted to declutter and adopt an organization system in order to maintain organization, unity and efficiency in the household. Further, you must be ready to detach yourself from items so you can effectively purge and clear each area in your home. Don’t think you are getting rid of your possessions: think how lucky others will be finding items they need at the thrift store, or how blessed others will feel when they receive your items at a shelter. 

The seasonal items and seasonal clothes that need to be properly stored can be placed in nicely decorated boxes or trunks that can be used as side or cocktail table somewhere in your home, or be clearly labeled and stored under the beds, basement or in the garage.  Extremely important: remember to replace old pillows that have not been sanitized/washed frequently because they may be carrying germs, hidden dust and bacteria. As a germ-preventive measure, you must discourage (or even prohibit) open food and beverages in bedrooms, or crumbs leftovers in any other part of the house.

As you go through the decluttering and organizing process, remember that removing all these items will create a peaceful environment that will foster a restful sleep and a recharged energy to your entire home.

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